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Trailers and buses are heavy motor vehicles used in the transportation of people and goods. Trailers are typically used by industries to transport goods, raw materials and so on, across locations. The sturdy nature of the vehicle along with the availability of space are the key reasons for employing them. Moreover, they are resistant to jerks which facilitates the transportation of even small to medium machinery, equipment, automobiles and so on. Buses, depending on the sector and route are used for commutation purposes in the commercial sector. Often, individuals also hire them for personal use.

MSB Mobile Truck Tyres is a leading truck & trailer tyre service centre in Melbourne. We deal with the service and repairs of all major heavy motor vehicles including trucks, trailers, buses and more. Led by a team of experts, we understand all the issues that can be faced by truck, bus and trailer owners and offer holistic solutions to it. At MSB, we are equipped with state-of-the-art technology and equipment, and adept workforce always ready to help. Our certified mechanics constantly upgrade themselves in terms of skillset and technical expertise to cater to the evolving needs of the automobile industry. Alongside rendering exceptional quality of work, we keep them affordable for people from all walks of life. Apart from this, we also deal in premium-quality truck tyres and bus tyres, procured at wholesale prices.

Importance of Trailer and Bus Tyre Service

  1. Safety – One of the primary concerns while dealing with any vehicle is safety. The safety factor has to be notched up a little high when it comes to heavy motor vehicles because larger the vehicle, greater the risk. Wheel alignment is one of the crucial aspects to this and an experienced truck tyre expert can service it and ensure that there are no risks.
  2. Save Money and Time – Delays in transporting goods can cause heavy losses in the respective industry, as several other processes are dependent on the goods brought in by these trailers. The losses are imminent in case of transportation of food items and perishables and hence it is imperative to keep the wheels rolling in good condition at all times.
  3. Fuel Efficiency – A faulty tyre can slow down the mileage and this means more fuel is consumed in the process. Besides the evident concern of leaving more carbon footprint, this can be heavy on the pocket, as more fuel will be used. Hence, keep the tyres in optimum condition so that fuel is not abused.


We can repair, fit and replace your truck tyres anywhere throughout the Melbourne Metropolitan areas – at home, at work, or on the road.

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