Second Hand Truck Tyres


There are many reasons why people opt for second-hand truck tyres. They are great for a quick repair; they can be used during emergencies and they are cheap. At MSB Mobile Truck Tyres, we make sure that when you come to us to buy a used tyre, we offer you the best second-hand wheels and tyres in Melbourne.

We have all the checks and test done by our team of experts so that you do not have to worry about the safety or the overall condition of the second-hand truck tyres that we sell to you. We also make sure that we comply with all the required standards and certifications as well.

When you come to MSB Mobile Truck Tyres, you are guaranteed to get cheap second-hand tyres that are the best in the market. Just because they cost so less, does not mean that we cut corners or try to fool our customers.

Provide Reliable Second-hand Truck Tyres

Second-hand truck tyres from MSB Mobile Truck Tyres goes through a series of checks and balances so that we can ensure that the tyre you buy from us is not compromised in any imaginable way. At our tyre shop in Melbourne,we make sure of the following –

  • Our experts check that second-hand truck tyres haveno chunking, bumps, knots, or bulges.
  • We ensure that there is no cord, ply, or tread separation from the casing.
  • If a tyre has exposed cords or belting material,we consider the tyre to be damagedreject it.
  • If some significant repair has been done to the tyre’s tread shoulder, sidewall, or the belt edge, we discard it and consider the tyre unfit for sale.
  • If the puncture on the truck tyre has not been sealed or patched on the inside with a proper rubber plug,then we make the required repairsbefore putting it out for sale. If the puncture is extensive, we discard the tyre.
  • If the numberson the tyres are not clear, weinform the buyer about it and provide them with all the required and relevant details.

Call the Truck Tyre Experts of Melbourne
MSB Mobile Truck Tyres has been providing second-hand truck tyres in Melbourne for years. Our tyres go through a thorough series of checks before they are sold to our customers. If you are looking for cheap second-hand tyres in Melbourne, then call now at 0430 202 435 or visit to know more about the other services that you can find at our tyre shop.


We can repair, fit and replace your truck tyres anywhere throughout the Melbourne Metropolitan areas – at home, at work, or on the road.

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